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Příbram has lots to offer to families with children throughout the year. In warm weather, children can enjoy themselves in the Nový rybník recreational area or discover the surrounding nature. When the weather turns cold, a visit to the Mining Museum Příbram or Holy Mountain is ideal.


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The Mining Museum Příbram offers a whole range of tours that can be adjusted even for the smallest of visitors – however, entry to the underground is only possible for children from 3 years of age for safety reasons. Children find out about the life of miners and work in mines in an entertaining manner. Perhaps they will even meet dwarfs on the way. A ride along the mine railway between Ševčinský and Vojtěch Mine or along the Prokop Adit from Anna Mine is an exciting experience for children. Visitors to the waterwheel in the Drkolnov Mine can assume the role of the medieval miners and ride into the waterwheel chamber on the fifty-metre slide.


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The Holy Mountain baroque pilgrimage premises are open to families with children. Enjoy the tour of the premises, during which children can work with an interactive quiz or worksheets and be sure to visit the Holy Mountain Museum. The permanent exhibition includes an animated film for children showing the major moments from the history of the pilgrimage site. Children can also draw their own design of a dress for the Statuette of the Virgin Mary.


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The Nový rybník recreational area has something to offer to the adults and children alike. You can find here a natural swimming pool, skatepark, adventure golf and inline trail. Water playground and Rákosníček’s playground are waiting for children. They can jump on the inflatable trampolines, walk along the adventurous educational trail through the littoral zone or visit the local minizoo. Hobbiton has been established here for the smallest of visitors. Entry to the recreational area is free. 


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If you are interested in nature, take a walk through one of Příbram’s forest parks. The educational trail in the Litavka Forest Park includes twelve stops with entertaining tasks, quizzes and questions for children on the information boards. The Padák educational trail consists of eleven stops with entertaining and educational features introducing the function of the landscape and forest in the ecosystem to children. They will learn, for example, to recognise deciduous and coniferous trees, they can play a dendrophone, count annual rings or press animals’ footprints into sand. More information is available here.



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As many roads pass through the Brdy protected landscape area, you can head out into the deep forests of Brdy for a short stroll even with a pusher. Set out from Orlov, where you can look at the wooden statue of the Brdy ghost Fabián, and continue to the gamekeeper’s cabin U Slatiny, where you will find a deer enclosure. If you continue in your journey, you will reach Pilský Lake. The trip to the water reservoir and back to Orlov is about 6 km long. You can take a similar trip past the gamekeeper’s cabin to the Pilský Lake from the nearby Kozičín.

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