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A cosy town where mining history meets the cult of the Virgin Mary – this is the town of Příbram below Brdy and its deep forests, full of unexpected contrasts, picturesque nooks and fascinating stories.


 Příbramské top cíle - obrázek 1211

Holy Mountain has looked over the town of Příbram for more than three hundred years. These baroque premises are among the most significant pilgrimage sites dedicated to Virgin Mary in Czechia. Visitors have always sought this place to find consolation, peace and balance – none of that has changed to this day. According to legends, the beginning of the cult of the Statuette of the Virgin Mary of the Holy Mountain date back to the times of the Archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice in the mid-14th century. Mid-17th century was a decisive time for the importance of Holy Mountain, as the chapel was held by Jesuits, who begin to reconstruct the chapel into a sumptuous temple. 

The Holy Mountain basilic is a living place of pilgrimage. If you want to learn about and experience everything this place offers, visit one of the masses held here. You can also select any of the tours – whether you are attracted by the mysterious underground or the bells high above, whether you wish to learn about the past or pay attention to the present. The varied surroundings of Holy Mountain are also worth visiting, in particular the square and the calvary, the stations of the cross, Toufar’s meadow, Well of the Virgin Mary or the four hundred metres long Holy Mountain stairs connecting the place of pilgrimage with the centre of Příbram.



 Příbramské top cíle - obrázek 1228

On the other side of Holy Mountain, people ventured into the depths of the Earth. The Mining Museum in Příbram, Open-air Mining Museum in Březové Hory located in the premises of the Vojtěch mine, Anna shaft and Ševčinský mine are reminders of the former glory of mining in Příbram.

The number of historical structures with exhibits makes this museum the largest mining museum in Czechia.

In this museum, you can ride on the mine railway above and under the ground, you can take a tour of several kilometres of adits, go down the pit in an elevator, ride the slide to the massive waterwheel or find out about unique steam-powered mining machines and an extensive collection of minerals or miners’ folklore.


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If you wish to stop for a while and hide away from the hustle of the town, you can find a peaceful retreat in the Nový rybník recreational area. Besides a picturesque lake and plenty of space for relaxation in its surroundings, you will also find here adventure golf, outdoor cinema, skatepark, water playground for children, slides, Rákosníček’s playground, inflatable trampolines, leisure grounds with a workout zone, sporting equipment hire, inline trail, SeZaM bistro, minizoo, littoral zone and Hobbiton for children.


Příbramské top cíle

Ernestinum Chateau, originally a wooden stronghold of the clerical dominion owners is among the most historically valuable buildings in Příbram. It houses František Drtikol Gallery Příbram with its regular exhibitions of visual arts, concerts and lectures. A permanent exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous personalities from Příbram, the world-famous photographer František Drtikol was created here in cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Art in Prague. 


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Before you set out to explore and discover the surroundings of Příbram, you can start your preparation in the town’s centre in the Natura House. The museum showcases the beauty, riches and tourist attractions of the local landscape – some of the exhibits are the only of its kind in Czechia and Central Europe. Visit the experience exhibition presenting the beauty of the Brdy range in an unconventional manner or find out about the history of the former military area.

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