Return of the Freedom Monument in Arnoštovy sady: restoration of a historical symbol

The story begins on the night of 29-30 June 2021, when a tree fall caused by a storm damaged the statue of a young man with a banner and a branch, which is part of the Freedom Monument. The monument carries a deep historical significance, having been created in memory of the 252 soldiers from Příbram who died during World War I. It was unveiled on 28 October 1927.

Works by notable artists

The history of the monument dates back to 1917, when the town of Příbram commissioned architect Jan Kotěra to prepare a design. The model of the statue was created by Jan Štursa and the academic sculptor and painter Václav Šára took care of its realization. The monument was unveiled on 28 October 1927. In 1936, memorial plaques with the names of the fallen soldiers were added to the monument.

The discovery of a message from the past

Let us return to the damaged statue. After several months of negotiations between the monuments and the restorers, the most appropriate method of repair was decided. In October 2021, the statue of the youth was removed and taken to the studio for restoration.

While removing the damaged statue, the restorers discovered a time capsule hidden in the base. It contained a message from 1946, which contained information about the return of the statue to Arnostovy Sady after the end of World War II. This message is a precious testimony of historical events and a reminder of the period when the city and the country were recovering from the wounds of war.

Two time capsules as evidence of the restoration of a symbol of freedom

The statue of the Jinochos was returned to its place on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The City has prepared a new time capsule that carries a message regarding the repair of the statue and the entire memorial, as well as basic information about the City. Both the original and new time capsule were placed back into the pedestal as evidence of the restoration of this historic symbol of freedom and remembrance of the victims of World War I on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

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