In the footsteps of Antonín Veprek

Díky školské reforme z roku 1953 se bývalá reálka promenila v jedenáctiletou strední školu (dnešní ZŠ Jiráskovy sady). Zdejší kaple byla prestavena ....

Thanks to the school reform of 1953, the former high school was transformed into an eleven-year high school (today's Jiráskovy sady primary school). The local chapel was rebuilt into a hall, which created a hall with excellent acoustics. "There was a small cabinet in the hall, where my grandfather literally calligraphically created sheet music," recalls Dana Štefanová's granddaughter. "These were large sheets of wrapping paper, which could only be seen from the third row." During Christmas concerts, she was always decorated with two huge spruces.

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