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Kulturní dům
Legionářů 400
261 01 Příbram VII
+420 318 625 691
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Culture House

The Culture House, designed by Václav Hilský, was built in 1957-1959 in the style of modern classicism. It makes a symbolic divide between the original historical part of the town and the new housing estate. The monumental building consists of three separate blocks according to their separate functions. The cinema and the theatre occupy the highest building; its entrance is adorned with a distinctive high relief by Bedřich Stefan. The middle part holds a studio theatre and a community hall, in the right part there is a hotel with a restaurant. 

The rigid austerity of the architecture is offset by the repetition of the elegant wave motif in the interior, the use of noble building materials, the high-quality art decor as well as the incorporation of art-craft decorative elements.

The building is a demonstration of the high-quality architecture from the period. It has been a cultural monument since 2006.