Promotional spot of the town of Příbram

Beautiful sights, wild nature and places for sport and culture belong to Příbram. And the city of Příbram wants to show all this in a promotional spot.

The briskly conceived spot comes from the work of filmmaker Ondrej Burda. In the past, he has made short videos for the Antonín Dvořák Music Festival.

The minute-long promotional spot is intended to entice tourists to visit Příbram. The guide in the video is an actress from the Příbram Theatre A. Dvořák's actress Eliška Nejedlá. The film can be viewed especially on the social networks YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The video features all significant places connected with Příbram. Starting with Svatá Hora, the Brdy Protected Landscape Area, the Mining Museum, the New Pond area and the A. Dvořák Theatre.

The spot was created with the financial support of the Central Bohemian Region.

The promotional video can be viewed at:

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