Memorial Lety near Písek

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The Lety camp was first a disciplinary labour camp, later also a collection camp and a so-called gypsy camp during the Second World War, established on the outskirts of the village of Lety in today's Písek district.


Memorial Lety u Písku Lety 67 398 04 Čimelice
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The official designation of the camp changed depending on its function. The camp was established on 8 August 1940 as a disciplinary labour camp.

On March 9, 1942, a collection camp was built there, retroactive to January 1942. The conditions of internment in the assembly camp were comparable to the disciplinary labour camp - the number of Roma interned was a minority.

From August 1942, the assembly camp was transformed into the so-called Gypsy Camp in Lety u Písku. The composition of the prisoners also changed - they were persons considered by the Protectorate authorities to be Gypsies, i.e. mainly Czech Roma. They were held under inhumane conditions and mostly perished here or later in other concentration camps.

In the 1970s, a large-scale pig farm was built on the site. In the 1990s, a memorial was established at the pig farm, and in August 2017 the government decided to buy the pig farm from its owner, subsequently demolish it and build a memorial.

Since April 2018, the Museum of Romani Culture has managed the site of the former pig farm and the Lety Cultural Monument (since January 2018).

On 4 September, the Government Resolution of 21 August 2017 No. 609 and of 23 October 2017 No. 766 was revoked and the release of funds for the demolition and archaeological research in the amount of CZK 111.5 million including VAT was approved.

The Museum of Romani Culture is currently only carrying out maintenance work around the pig farm. Preparations are now underway to announce a landscape-architectural competition for the design of a new memorial. The result of the competition should be known in spring 2020 and the demolition of the pig farm will take place in connection with it.

The area of the piggery is guarded and at the same time the destruction of scrub and grass mowing is underway, including the maintenance of the Lety Cultural Monument.

The information centre in the village of Lety (municipal office) is open every day from 9am to 5pm.

Distance from Pribram: 26,5 km.

Currently, the Lety Cultural Monument (Zdeněk Hůla monument, replica barrack and amphitheatre) is freely accessible, together with a new nature trail dedicated to the history of the camp. The educational trail starts in the village of Lety in front of the municipal office and leads past the former so-called Gypsy camp to the Lety cultural monument.