Orlická dam

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Orlická dam

Orlická Dam

Distance from Příbram: approx. 20 km | GPS: 49.6135403N, 14.1942917E

The OrlíkDam, built at river kilometre 144.65 of the Vltava between 1954 and 1961, dammed the flow of the Vltava River near the village of Solenice in the Příbram region and bears the name of Orlík Castle. It is not only the largest dam of the entire Vltava Cascade, but also the largest lake in the whole Czech Republic in terms of water volume. The maximum depth is 74 m, the volume is 720 000 000 m³. The primary purpose of the Orlík reservoir is to accumulate water to improve the flow rates in the lower part of the Vltava (and consequently also the Elbe), to protect the area below the dam, including the capital city, from high waters and to generate electricity. Of course, the lake can also be used for sports, recreational and fishing activities, as well as for navigation and boat trips.

Boat trips: