Hidden Stories

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Hidden Stories is the name of an outdoor mobile game that makes it possible to discover not only new places of interest, but also to travel back in time and make every family trip an extraordinary adventure.

Outdoor mobile games are nothing new for Příbramany. A well-known game is Vyšší princip from the"workshop" of students of the Příbram grammar school, which refers to the events of 1942. Now, thanks to the Hidden Stories project, we will look further back into the history of our town, more precisely to 1892.

The story of Mary in Flames will take us through the town, with eleven stops. The route is 6.7 km long and leads from the centre of Příbram from Wenceslas Square to T. G. Masaryk Square, then along Mariánská Street to Březové Hory to the Mining Museum. It then passes through the so-called Březohorské housing estate to the House of Culture and then to the Nový rybník area. From there it goes uphill through Svatohorská avenue to Svatá Hora.

The game is intended primarily for children aged 6 to 13. The app can be downloaded at: App Store and Google play under the name Hidden Stories.

Shortly to the story itself:

Lojzík Soukup searches for a way to save his father who is trapped by a fire in a mine.

The lead and silver ore mines in the Birch Mountains near Pribram were once famous throughout Europe. They were among the deepest and, from the point of view of the Austrian Empire, which owned them, they were literally gold mines. Nine out of ten parts of all silver mined in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were mined here.

But this era of amazing results was about to be ended by the burning wick of the miner's furnace. It happened on a sunny Tuesday, May 31, 1892, shortly after eleven o'clock in the morning. A fire broke out in the Mariánský Mine in the Birch Mountains. It was deep - on the 29th underground level - and the smoke produced by the fire began to choke the lives of the miners by the dozens. It's clear that we can't save everyone, but there is one boy who needs us to work with him to create a miracle and save his father, Jan Soukup, who works as a coachman in the mine.