Bytíz Uranium Mine

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The Bytíz uranium mine is open to the public and is unique in the Czech Republic.


Opening hours

Guided tours of the new branch of the Příbram Mining Museum are available by appointment only on specified dates.


318 626 307
318 626 307

The Příbram Mining Museum is one of the largest mining museums in the Czech Republic and Europe. It manages more than 50 buildings, offers more than 70 exhibitions and several kilometres of historical underground of local mines.

It also operates 5 branches in the vicinity of Příbram. The newest of these is the Bytíz Uranium Mine in the area of the former shaft No. 11 A from 1955, where, in addition to the mining tower, there is a machine room, a turbocompressor room, an electrical substation, the remains of a cooling tower and also valuable technical equipment, the only one preserved in the Czech Republic.

Since the end of 2017, with the support of the Central Bohemian Region , the museum has been trying torescue and transform this unique industrial site of international importance, whose buildings were in a very poor condition, into avisitor site. Expositions in the style of the so-called "last working day" will be created here, supplemented by interactive and multimedia elements.

The Bytíz Uranium Mine, situated 5 km east of Příbram, the third deepest in the Czech Republic (1 504 m), will bring visitors closer to the fact that the Příbram uranium deposit, with 36% of the national volume of uranium production, has entered not only the history of Czechoslovak but also international mining and has made the Czech Republic one of the main uranium miners in the world. The site is also a cautionary memento for future generations, as it commemorates the abuse of the work of political prisoners under the communist regime of the 1950s.

The Bytíz mine is still undergoing reconstruction, but it is already possible to visit the site and see selected buildings. It is necessary to observe the security measures and follow the instructions of the staff.

For individuals, the tour dates are listed below. Tour dates for groups of 10 or more - by appointment.

The length of the tour is approximately 60 minutes.

GPS coordinates: 49.6842925N, 14.0717822E