Mining museum in Příbram

Mining museum in Příbram commemorates former glory of mining. The mining museum Březové Hory is located in the Vojtěch mine, the Anna Schaft and the Ševčin Mine. The museum is the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic as for the number of historical items.

Expositions located in former operational and administrative buildings present rich mining history connected to the mining of silver, uranium and other ores. Visitors can ride a mining train both on the surface and underground. The exhibitions involve kilometres of mining tunnels, mining lifts or slide ride leading to a giant water wheel. They can also learn about unique steam mining machines and see the mineral collection or mining folklore.

Each exposition in Březové Hory in Příbram presents the history of mining and metallurgy since Celtic Age to the present, the museum introduces mining ethnography and offers tours through unique mineralogical-geological samples from the silver mining district in Březová Hora, Příbram uranium Reservoir and Brdy iron-ore Mining Districts. Technical monuments preserved by the state are the most important exhibits - steam extraction machine from the Vojtěch Mine (1889), steam extraction machine from the Anna Shaft (1914), mining compressor from the Generál Štefánik Shaft (1928), water wheel from the Drkolnov Mine from 19th century, which is internationally recognised.

Tour through all exhibitions lasts 3 hours, but visitors can choose to see separate parts. The biggest attraction is entering the underground to ride a mining train from the Prokop Stole to the deepest pit in whole Březová Hora District – the Prokop Pit. The 1,600 meters deep pit is originally from 1832 and belongs to the pits in central Europe. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy 300 meters underground walk between the Anna Water Stole from 18th century located between the Anna and the Vojtěch Mine. Museum presents an exposition of uranium and ore mining technology from Příbram. The machinery used from the second half on 20th century up until now is located on a hill over the Ševčin Mine. Another popular attraction is a water wheel from the Drkolnov Mine from the 19th century.

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Guided tours in A, B, C area separately:

  • adults 40 CZK
  • children, seniors and students 20 CZK
  • family entrance (2 adults and 2 to 4 children) 100 CZK
  • some other tours may be extra charged, more on website


Mining museum Příbram
Hynek Klička Square 293
261 01 Příbram VI - Březové Hory
phone.: +420 318 626 307, +420 318 633 138


Opening hours:

December – March: Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00
May – June: Tue-Fri 9.00-17.00
July – August: Tue-Sun 9.00-18.00
September – October: Tue-Sun 9.00-17.00



Information Center of Municipality in Příbram
Zámeček - Ernestinum, Tyršova 106, Příbram

telefon: (+420) 318 402 381
toll-free: 800 555 600


Information center open daily:
June - September 10 am – 5 pm
October - May 10 am – 4 pm
(except 24. - 26.12. and 1.1.)


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