Ladislav Malý (1862-1956)

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He was born on 17th March 1862 in Příbram to the family of teacher Šebestián Malý and Johana Malá, daughter of rich Příbram‘s burgher Václav Houska. He studied local grammar school and after his father’s unexpected death in 1877 he relocated to teaching institute. Yet, unhappy conditions at the teaching Institute in Příbram convinced him to switch to Teaching Institute in Prague. When he finished his studies, he became teaching assistant in 1881 in Dobříš and 2 years later was transferred to Březová Hora.

He married Kamila Marie Herrmanová, daughter of duke’s forest janitor Vojtěch Herrman. He spent holidays travelling around our country, mainly to Central and Southern Europe. In 1897 he was appointed directing teacher in Stará Huť near Dobříš. He made teaching tools by himself and participated in culture and social life in Příbram, Dobříš and neighbouring villages. He retired in 1923 and returned to Příbram. He contributed to the establishment of a museum in 1886 and later became its administrator. Since 1929 he issued Věstník městského musea (Municipal Museum Journal) in Příbram where he also published his regional works. He died on 4th March 1956 in Příbram.

His writings have been kept in State Regional Archive in Příbram since 1979. It contains geographic pieces such as travel books or travel guides but also historical pieces focusing on regional history. He also wrote fairy tales, stories, novels, legends and dramas. His work focused on toys, such as his printed book Hračky dětí československých (Toys of Czechoslovak Kids) issued in Prague in 1895, the work has 355 pages.

Some of his other titles were also printed – Nový průvodce po Příbram a okolí (New guide in Příbram and its neighbourhood) from 1911, Průvodce po Dobříši a okolí (Guide in Příbram and its neighbourhood) from 1911 and Příbramsko a Dobříšsko (Příbram and Dobříš Regions) from 1930.


Jana Čermáková: Písemná pozůstalost Ladislava Malého. Státní okresní archiv Příbram, 1981.

Author: PhDr. Věra Smolová, ředitelka SOA Příbram