Karel Domin (1851-1922)

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Karel Domin was born on 27th January 1851 in Prague. He studied grammar school and technology. At first, he gave classes at Teaching Institute in Prague and Kutná Hora. In 1892 he was appointed director of Teaching Institute in Příbram. He discussed all important decisions with his colleagues and brought the warm and easy-going atmosphere to the school. He was a humble, smart and tolerant person. Only two years after he joined the school, reconstructions on the school building began. In 1898 he organised a constitutive meeting of the association to support poor students from Příbram. The association was led by dean A. Vojáček, city major Blažej Mixa, professor of Mining Academy Dr Josef Theurer, booksellers Kozlík and Simon and director of secondary school Vlasák. Domin donated a huge amount of 493 gold right from the start. The aim of the association was to arrange lunches, medical treatment, medicine for poor students for free and to contribute money to clothing, shoes and books.

He was appointed government council in 1908 and led teachers in Příbram until his retirement in 1921. He passed away on 19th April 1922.

Karel Domin wrote schoolbooks of arithmetic and geometry for teaching institute and rewrote pedagogy books by his father-in-law and well-known pedagogy professor Gustav Lindner. He wrote scientific articles as well as articles on pedagogy.

His son Dr Karel Domin (1882-1953) studied Grammar School in Příbram and Natural Sciences at Czech University in Prague. He became botanist, director of Institute of Botany and Botanical garden and don of Charles University in 1933-1934.


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Author: PhDr. Věra Smolová, ředitelka SOA Příbram