The Weil Brothers

Personality in section Industry and handicraft

The Příbram-based company of Weil brothers was established back in 1889. The founders were Karel Reichler, a wood trader from Březové Hory and Josefa Weilová (born 1858, Trhové Dušníky - died 1942 in Terezín). Their business focused on production and sale of pearl gravestone wreaths, rosaries and other pilgrimage goods. Josefa’s husband, David Weil (born 1852, Vysoká u Příbramě - died 1912, Příbram) joined the company between 1903 and 1912. In 1919 the company turned into a family business called ”The Weil Brothers and Co., pilgrimage and metal goods in Příbram, no. 134/IV.” The children of the Weil family later became partners of the firm as well. Their names were Oskar (born 1892 - died 1945, London), Leo (born 1883 - died 1942) and Marta (born 1886 - died 1967) married Raková. Another son named Otto (born 1884 - died 1921, Prague) established his own company in 1909 with its name ”Otto Weil & Co., metal goods factory in Příbram no. 191/V”. The firm focused mainly on mirror making.

In 1940 the occupying authority ordered forced administration of the Jewish property, and in May the factory was taken over by a national administration. Some members of the Weil family died in concentration camps. The company was nationalised in 1948 and became part of the Ore and graphite mines in Příbram. The company was written off from Business Register in 1957.

The company focused on pilgrimage goods either according to its catalogue offer or on-demand. The goods were shipped globally - to the US, Italy, Romania, Yugoslavia. Majority of the production was soon being exported. Traders from South America, Egypt, Arabia and the Middle East were also very interested in the products.

A new factory building was built in 1903 and strategically located near the train station. An interesting aspect was a personnel policy of the company when there was, for example, canteen catering arranged for the workers. They had to follow strict rules, yet gained insurance and other benefits. The company had between 50 and 90 employees.


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Author: PhDr. Věra Smolová, ředitelka SOA Příbram