Antonín Vepřek (1907-1978)

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He was born on 24th December 1907 in Úmonín near Kutná Hora. His musical abilities directed him to study Teaching Institute in Kutná Hora where many classes were devoted to violin lectures and music in general. After graduation, he moved to Litoměřice Region. After Occupation in 1939, he moved to Příbram with his wife and daughter and worked there as a teacher. He was giving classes of violoncello in Příbram Philharmonic Orchestra and took the lead of Lumír-Dobromila choir. Both associations were enriching the cultural life of Příbram inhabitants. In June 1939 he introduced choir of high school girls.

Later he was a teacher at II. ZDŠ in Příbram (Elementary School in Příbram) and choirmaster in his free time. Children choir became very successful under his lead and piano accompaniment by Jiřina Mandlová. In 1967 he became director of ZDŠ. Even though he retired in 1971, he continued in teaching music and leading choir. He attended many competitions with the choir, recorded songs for radio and organised many concerts. The choir repertoire was often modified and included pieces by contemporary authors. Antonín Vepřek died on 13th January 1978.

His works are stored in State Archive in Příbram since 1980 and document his pedagogical, choral and organising activities. It also includes correspondence with important personalities of Czech culture, posters and concert programmes of children choir from 1943 to 1977.


Jana Čermáková: Písemná pozůstalost Antonína Vepřeka. Státní okresní archiv Příbram, 1981.

Author: PhDr. Věra Smolová, ředitelka SOA Příbram