Antonín Bořek-Dohalský (1889-1942)

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He was born on 23rd October 1889 in Přívozec near Domažlice as the son of earl František Karel Bořek-Dohanský and Belgian noblewoman Ludovika d´Hoop. At the age of 10, he was sent to Strakova Akademie (Academy of earl Straka) in Prague where he received a scholarship from a fund designed for children from poor families of Czech nobility. In 1907 he graduated from Grammar School at Malá Strana. He entered Archbishop's Seminary and then studied Theology at Czech College in Rome and received a degree in Theology.

He was ordained a priest and returned to Bohemia in 1912. He served as chaplain until the beginning of World War I. in Bor near Tachov and on 1st September 1914 was relocated to Příbram. After the arrival of dispossessed Italian refugees who had to flee from their homes, he took care of their acceptance by locals. He also served as coordinator for his knowledge of Italian. Two years later he was appointed field chaplain and enlisted to Halych in Ukraine.

After the war, he returned to Příbram where he helped not only to Italian captives. He soon became parish curator in nearby Hluboš and from the beginning of 1922, he served there as a priest. He left for Prague two years later and was appointed Archbishop's Secretary. He remained in the church until Occupation. For his ideological attitudes and relations to personalities of the First Republic, he was arrested on 21st October 1941, released and again arrested on 5th June 1942. He was kept in Pankrác prison and two weeks later transported to Terezín, and later to Auschwitz. He died in Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz shortly after his arrival on 3rd September 1942.


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Author: PhDr. Věra Smolová, ředitelka SOA Příbram