Orlická přehrada (Orlík Dam)

Distance from Příbram: about 20 km  | GPS: 49.6135403N, 14.1942917E


Orlík waterwork constructed on 144,65 river kilometre of Vltava from 1954 to 1961 divides Vltava river flow near Solenice village on Příbramsko (Příbram District) and bears name after Orlík Chateau. Not only is it the greatest dam on Vltava river but also it is the largest lake in the Czech Republic. The maximum depth is 74 m and the volume is 720 000 000 m³.  The primary purpose of the tank is water accumulation to improve flow in the lower part of Vltava river (and Labe river), it serves as water protection of territory located under the dam including the capital city and enables electricity production. It can be used for sports, recreation, fishing activities, cruise and boat trips.


Boat trips: