The building of Jan Drda Library

The main building of Jan Drda Library is located in the western part of Masaryk Square. It was established in a place where probably the oldest burgher house from 1379 was located. The house supposedly belonged to magistrate Jan from Michalovice. The originally Gothic object burned down in 1626 during the Thirty Years' War and later was rebuilt in Baroque style – with pair of shields and arcades.

A well-known guesthouse U Černého orla was located there, too. In 1860 the building underwent a major reconstruction when the arcades were walled up, and shields were covered. After World War I. the building was destroyed. In 1922 District Council House was built in the same location with portals, columns and shield decorated with vases.

The building was preserved until presence, since 1984 Jan Drda Library is located there.



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