Brdy Mountains

Tourist information

The Brdy protected landscape area is accessible to cyclists and walkers. Vehicles are not allowed to enter.

The area of Brdy is 345 square kilometres. The suggested route represent only a part of possibilities for walking, cycling, fitness running, photographing and simply nature enjoying. You should not overestimate your strength and orientation skills. Some parts of Brdy mountains are not covered with mobile signal yet. Get yourself a map, durable shoes and please respect the nature.

Behaviour and safety in the Brdy protected landscape area:

  • Part of the area used to be a military district. If you find some ammunition, do not manipulate with it and call the Police of the Czech Republic. You will help protect others.
  • Be careful as you can meet some forestry equipment on the road.
  • Don’t throw your trash away, help protect the area.
  • Making fires is forbidden.
  • Camping is forbidden.

More tips on trips around Brdy:


A map of forest roads in Brdy:



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